Are you interested in receiving the Sacrament of Confirmation?
Look below for all the information to begin this process

1) Confirmation Prerequisite
    Before your child can begin the preparation for the Sacrament of Confirmation they must...

      - Your family must be registered at Christ Our King.
          If your family isn't registered please contact Dorothy Fisher in the front office.

      - Have received the Sacrament of Baptism, Reconciliation, & Eucharist.

         If they haven't please contact Ashley Arominski at


      - Have completed at least a year of faith formation the year prior to beginning Confirmation Prep.

         For most that means attending 7th-grade faith formation classes or attending a Catholic School.
         If you have recently moved to Christ Our King from another parish please have the parish email
         Ashley letting her know your teen was involved in faith formation prior to this year.

         If you have questions about this please contact Ashley Arominski at

2) Confirmation Registration
     All teens who want to be confirmed at COK must fill out a registration form. 
     This includes students at COK-SM.
     Register online for Confirmation Preparation WILL BEGIN ON AUGUST 1st!

3) Baptismal Certificate 
    If your child was not baptized or received 1st holy communion at COK we will need a copy of his/her baptismal certificate.
               - Please turn in your child's Baptismal Certificate into the front office in an envelope with your child's name.
    If your child was baptized or received 1st holy communion at COK then we already have his/her baptismal certificate on file. 
4) Pay Confirmation Sacramental Fee
         - Please come to the office write a check to "Christ Our King Catholic Church"
            OR pay at the Confirmation Orientation Meeting

4) Confirmation Orientation Meeting
    Have at least 1 parent/guardian & the Confirmation Candidate
    MUST attend the Confirmation Orientation Meeting on
              Sunday, September 15th, 2019
                             1:00pm or 5:00pm
                                Grace Hall

    *By than please make sure you have registered,
      & bring a copy of the baptismal certificate
      & a check for the Confirmation Sacramental Fee


      Missed the meeting?
      Contact Ashley ASAP at


5) Confirmation Information
     Now you are ready to begin this wonderful journey!
     Click HERE to be taken to important information to be aware of for this coming year.



Family Registration Fee = $70
Confirmation Fee = $20

Included in this price is the cost of the retreat, food, & resources for the Confirmation Sessions.


NOTE: If you need financial assistance with the Confirmation Sacramental Prep Fee please do not hesitate to contact Ashley. We do not want money to stop anyone from receiving the sacrament. This fee just helps us with the cost of the preparation.