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Mission: Second Chance Bikes collects, repairs, and distributes used bicycles to people in Charleston who need affordable, reliable transportation. Our bicycles help people reach better employment opportunities, health care, and food options and provide opportunities for healthful recreation.

Volunteering: We will be taught to repair bikes! Second Chance Bikes will teach us every aspect of bicycle repair or you can just give us a hand organizing parts and cleaning bikes before delivery. They have jobs for every ability level. 

Directions: 2750 Avenue B North Charleston, SC 29405               
                You will pass Water Mission & make a left when you see 
"Second Chance Bike Sign" Look for Fisher Recycling Sign too!
                Go to the end of the alley. You will see Fisher Recycling. Second Chance is in next to the recycling center.

Dress: Please wear something that you don't mind getting dirty.
          Also, be aware we are working in a warehouse with no heat/air. Also, you MUST wear closed-toe shoes. 


Provided: Gloves (if needed), supplies, bottled water,
                  water cooler to refill your bottle


Bring your own: Mask (required), gloves (if you want), and water bottle.

Waivers: Second Chance Bike Waiver (This must be filled out by ALL volunteers in order to serve. This is good for 1 year!)

             Diocese of Charleston Waiver


             Dioces of Charleston COVID Waiver (Just need to fill out once for the year.)


Chaperones: We always need SAFE HAVEN trained Chaperones.
                   To become certificated takes some time so please take the time to get certified today!

How Else Can I Help? Donating Bikes, Biking a bike, Buying Parts off Amazon

NEXT SERVICE DAY: Saturday, February 20th, 2021 from 9am-12pm
                           SIGN UP HERE

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