Mission Statement:
The Core Team is a group of
Missionary Disciples of Christ
who are called to witness, to share,
and walk with teens closer to Christ.

Roles & Responsibilities:
- Continue to strengthen your relationship with Christ by…
        - Having a daily prayer life
        - Growing in knowledge of our faith
        - Attending Mass weekly
        - Going to Confession


- Attending Core Team Meetings Once a Month
        - At meetings you will be lead in prayer, training, & planning
        - Meetings will be in determined by a vote by core team on
          when is the best time for everyone to meet at the beginning of
           the year.


- Depending upon which core team you join you will be asked to
   attend Edge Nights, Life Nights, or Confirmation Sessions.
   (Click on the links above to see the calendars for each ministry.)
        - We understand that it may be hard to attend everyone but we do
          ask you make as many as possible. Please tell Ashley as far in
          advance when you wouldn't be there so she can plan
          accordingly. Our prayer is that we will have an abundance of
          core team members so that is never a problem if one core team
          member can't be there.


- Preparing for your assigned task at each Edge Night, Life Night, or    
  Confirmation Session

      - Possible Tasks: Leading Prayer
                               Teaching Leading

                               Small Group
                               Leading Games
       - You will only be asked to do something you feel comfortable doing.
        However God does call us out of our comfort zone sometimes.
        You will know well in advance what you will be asked to do each time.


- Attending Outings, Service Opportunities, Games/Plays of Teens
       - This is outside the regular schedule Edge Nights, Life Nights, &
         Confirmation Sessions but all of these are great opportunities to get
         to know the teens better. It may be hard to do this but it should be a
         goal of each core team member to get to know a teen & their family.

Time Commitment:


Edge Core Team
      Edge Nights = 1-2x per month (2-4hrs)
      Core Team Meeting = 1x per month (2hrs)
      Outings/Service/Games = 1x per month (2hrs)

Life Teen Core Team
Life Nights = 3-4x per month (6-8hrs)
      Life Teen Weekend Retreat = 1x per school year
Core Team Meeting = 1x per month (2hrs)
      Outings/Service/Games = 1x per month (2hrs)


Confirmation Core Team
Confirmation Sessions = 3-4x per month (6-8hrs)
      Confirmation Day Retreat = 1x per school year
Core Team Meeting = 1x per month (2hrs) 
      Outings/Service/Games = 1x per month (2hrs)




Ask your teen first if he/she would be ok with you serving in the same ministry they attend. If they aren't comfortable then, unfortunately, I can't use your help in that part of the ministry. However, you could always serve in another way.
So before you sign up check with your teen.  

      1) STOP & Pray! Is God calling you to join the core team?
      2) Please fill out the Core Team Interest Form BELOW

      3) Wait till Ashley follows up with you