Please read all the different areas of the support team
& than fill out the form below. Thanks!

The Youth Ministry Support Team
is a group of adults that support COK's youth ministry  
(Edge/ Life Teen/ Confirmation) periodically outside the nights/sessions.

There are different areas where you can help including:


PRAYER TEAM (Periodically as needed)
    - Pray for the youth ministry: families, teens, young adults, teens
    - Create a way for more people to pray for the youth ministry

    - Let people on the prayer team know what to pray for & update them on the ministry

    - MAJOR NEED: A person to work with Ashley on a prayer plan for youth ministry.


FOOD TEAM (As often as Edge & Life Teen Meets)

    - Buy the snacks from a local grocery store or make them yourself
    - Set up snacks for Edge & Life Teen

    - Clean up snacks after Edge & Life Teen 
    - You can donate or get reimbursed by the COK.
       Save the receipt & give it to Ashley
    - Want to go the extra mile? Work the snacks in with the theme for the night!

    - MAJOR NEED: A person to be in charge of creating sign ups for each
                               ministry & getting people to volunteer to bring food.


     EDGE FOOD TEAM = 3-4x a month on Sunday Mornings (Drinks & Snacks)

     LIFE TEEN FOOD TEAM = 3-4x a month on Sunday Nights (Dinner & Dessert)

CHAPERONE/DRIVERS TEAM (Periodically as needed)
    - We like to have fun here at COK Youth Ministry! One of those ways is by going on outings & retreats!
       But we can only get teens there if we have adults who will drive & chaperone for us!
    - An adult in order to chaperone/drive MUST get Safe Haven (Diocese of Charleston's Child Protection) trained
      & fill out a driver’s background check to drive teens to events. 

    - Help Ashley create a database of adults who can drive/chaperone events

EVENTS TEAM (Periodically as needed)

    - If you have ever planned a birthday party for your child this is the perfect team for you!
    - Help with the planning of different events: outings or socials
             - Ashley will work with you & exactly what information she needs for the events
    - Help advertise for the events we will offer
    - Get more people involved in the planning of the events

SERVICE TEAM (Periodically as needed)
    - Service is a huge part of COK Youth Ministry!
    - Work with Ashley on when to offer different service opportunities throughout the year for middle school 
      & high school teens along with their families.

    - MAJOR NEED: A person to work with Ashley on a service plan for youth ministry.


ADMINISTRATIVE TEAM (Weekdays or Periodically as needed)
    - Help Ashley with office duties that will free her up to be with teens
    - Buying needed items & running errands for youth ministry


OUTREACH TEAM (Periodically as needed)
    - Do you have a heart for the lost? Outreach team might be for you!

    - Plan ideas to reach out to the teens not involved in youth ministry
    - Find out why teens are not involved & find out ways to bring them in
    - Work with Ashley on creating an Outreach Plan on ways to keep inviting teens to be involved

PARENTS LIFE TEAM (Periodically as needed)
   - Youth Ministry is Parent Ministry! The longer I am a youth ministry the more I realize I need to minister to parents too.
   - Work with Ashley to figure out the needs of parents here at COK & ways to help to support them.
   - Figure out ways to offer opportunities for parents to grow more in their faith

   - Also part of this ministry is inviting parents to be apart of youth ministry in some way.

Do you see another need in youth ministry?
Do you have other talents that you could help?
        Other possible teams in the future: Set-Up Team, Environment Team, Media Team, Retreat Team
Please Contact Ashley if you have any other ideas!