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Please read all the different areas of the support team
& than fill out the form below. Thanks!

The Youth Ministry Support Team
is a group of adults that support COK's youth ministry  periodically

outside the nights/sessions.

There are different areas where you can help including:


PRAYER TEAM (Periodically as needed)
    - Pray for the youth ministry: families, teens, young adults, teens
    - Create a way for more people to pray for the youth ministry

    - Let people on the prayer team know what to pray for & update them on the ministry


FOOD TEAM (As often as Edge and Life Teen Meet)

    - Buy the food from a local grocery store or make it yourself
    - Set up meal 

    - Clean up after meal
    - You can donate or get reimbursed by the COK.
       Save the receipt & give it to Paula

     LIFE TEEN FOOD TEAM = 3-4x a month on Sunday Nights (Dinner & Dessert)


      EDGE FOOD TEAM = 3-4x a month on Friday Nights (Dinner & Dessert)

CHAPERONE/DRIVERS TEAM (Periodically as needed)
    - We like to have fun here at COK Youth Ministry! One of those ways is by going on outings & retreats!
       But we can only get teens there if we have adults who will drive & chaperone for us!
    - An adult in order to chaperone/drive MUST get Safe Haven (Diocese of Charleston's Child Protection) trained
      & fill out a driver’s background check to drive teens to events. 

    - Help Paula create a database of adults who can drive/chaperone events

EVENTS TEAM (Periodically as needed)

    - If you have ever planned a birthday party for your child this is the perfect team for you!
    - Help with the planning of different events: outings or socials
             - Paula will work with you & exactly what information she needs for the events
    - Help advertise for the events we will offer
    - Get more people involved in the planning of the events

SERVICE TEAM (Periodically as needed)
    - Service is a huge part of COK Youth Ministry!
    - Work with Paula on when to offer different service opportunities throughout the year for middle school 
      & high school teens along with their families.

    - MAJOR NEED: A person to work with Paula on a service plan for youth ministry.


ADMINISTRATIVE TEAM (Weekdays or Periodically as needed)
    - Help Paula with office duties that will free her up to be with teens
    - Buying needed items & running errands for youth ministry


OUTREACH TEAM (Periodically as needed)
    - Do you have a heart for the lost? The outreach team might be for you!

    - Plan ideas to reach out to the teens not involved in youth ministry
    - Find out why teens are not involved & find out ways to bring them in
    - Work with Paula on creating an Outreach Plan on ways to keep inviting teens to be involved

PARENTS LIFE TEAM (Periodically as needed)
   - As a parent of three sons, I have firsthand knowledge of how important it is to support parents
   - Work with Paula to figure out the needs of parents here at COK & ways to help to support them
   - Figure out ways to offer opportunities for parents to grow more in their faith

   - Also part of this ministry is inviting parents to be a part of youth ministry in some way

Do you see another need in youth ministry?
Do you have other talents that you could share?
        Other possible teams in the future: Set-Up Team, Environment Team, Media Team, Retreat Team
Please Contact Paula if you have any other ideas!


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