Walker Percy, a Catholic American author, wrote,
“To become aware of the possibility of a search is to be onto something. Not to be onto something is to be in despair.”

Most of us are aware that we are onto something because we have hope and find ourselves desiring and asking questions about love, happiness, and purpose. But, in a culture that gives us conflicting answers, we may find ourselves lost. It is the Gospel message, which personally guides our search for truth.
Join the search on this retreat!

DATES: October 20th, 2018
LOCATION: Christ Our King Beach House

COST: $50 (Includes 3 meals)

9:00 am  An easy morning with friends while you enjoy our Cereal Buffet & Saturday Morning Cartoons 
10:00 am  Session 1 - Search for Love & Happiness
11:00 am  Snacks & Free Time    
11:30 am  Leave for Escape Room 
1:30 pm  Back to COK for LUNCH
2:00 pm Session 2 - Search for Purpose
3:45 pm  Break
4:00 pm  Session 3 - Search for Community and Me
4:30 pm Dinner
5:15 pm Bible Study
6:00 pm  Mass
7:00 pm  Till next time...

RSVP by October 17th by filling out the permission slip here.
It will direct you to St. Clare's website.
This is a joint retreat with them.