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Christ Our King Catholic Church will present a sexual abuse prevention program,
Teaching Touching Safety, to our (public school) middle school students on

This program is provided to us by the Diocese of Charleston & is part of our ongoing effort to help create & maintain safe environments for all youth in our care. This scheduled lesson is being offered to all students
at Christ Our King Catholic Church for their age group.

As parents, you have the right to choose whether your child participates in the program.
We encourage you to read the overview” & “lesson planassigned to your child’ age group
to understand exactly what your child will be taught.


It is important to note, this basic prevention education & is in no way to be considered sex education. That does not fall within our educational mandate to provide your child with the information needed to keep them safe from those who would do them harm.

We ask EVERY PARENT to fill out the online form below.
It will let us know if you child will be attending this session 
or if they will be opting out of it.


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