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- A sponsor must be at least 16 years old

- A sponsor must be a fully initiated Catholic
      Received the following Sacraments: Baptism, Reconciliation, Eucharist, & Confirmation

- A sponsor must be an active Catholic 
      Attends Mass Weekly & Confession at least yearly

- A sponsor must NOT be a parent of the one who is being confirmed
     The parent took on the role of guiding their child in faith at Baptism

- It is desirable (not necessary) that the one who undertook the role of Godparent at Baptism may be the Sponsor.

- Who the candidate can easily talk with

- Who will model the faith for the candidate
         Prays daily, lives a moral life, continue to grow in his/her faith, serve others


- Who will partner with the candidate to discuss any issues or concerns that candidate may have about the
   Catholic faith & his/her new commitment through the Sacrament. Ideally, the sponsor and candidate would
    talk at least once a month. If they are out of state call/skype to make sure you have that monthly discussion.

- Confirmation Rehearsal: Sponsor & Candidate are the only ones that needs to attend.
                                              If one of them can't be there a parent must step in as a proxy.

- Confirmation Mass: TBD


LEFT: Your sponsor should be a practicing Catholic. This video explains what that means.

RIGHT: This video will answer what you are called to do as a Confirmation Sponsor.
             2nd part answers the question about female priest as well.
             That part isn't connected to Confirmation but can answer that question if you are interested.

PDF: Sponsor Information Form
ONLINE: Sponsor Information Form

Please submit by August 29th, 2021

Your Confirmation Sponsor will receive in the mail a Sponsor Packet.

This will include information on what it means to be a sponsor as well as the Sponsor Vertification Form.

Sponsor is responsible for filling out the following:
Sacrament of Confirmation Sponsor Verification Form

Please submit this form to the front office by January 8th 

Sponsor Interview
Sponsor Interview Information Sheet
Sponsor Interview Reflection Google Form

Please submit the Sponsor Interview Reflection Sheet by February 16th

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