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The following must be completed this year for the Confirmation Candidate
to recieve the Sacrament of Confirmation in the Spring.

Check the link above perdiocally to make sure your child is up to date on all requirements.

This is a list of items that your child should know by the time he/she is confirmed.
At the Confirmation Interview Ashley will ask your child about some of these areas.
Sign Up for Confirmation Interview: April 4th-8th
Sign Up to Come

MASS - If your family is not already attending Mass EVERY weekend we ask that you make
           this a priority. Attending Mass as a Catholic is part of our Sunday Obligation. If you
           aren't attending Mass every Sunday as a family you are missing a fundamental
           teaching of our faith. Your attendance at Mass is mandatory. To see how we will
           track your family's attendance at Mass please see our Parishioner Status
           information on the website. If you have further questions about this please contact

ONGOING FAITH FORMATION - Confirmation preparation focuses on immediate preparation for the Sacrament. There will only be 3 sessions for Confirmation prep, because of this we ask that your teen continue to learn more about the faith this year by attending Edge, Life Teen, Bishop England or Christ Our King-Stella Maris. All are welcomed to attend Edge or Life Teen in addition to the Catholic School they attend.

SPONSOR - We ask that every Confirmation Candidate pick a Sponsor.
                Please read what requirements that are necessary for a Sponsor.

SAINT - Every Confirmation Candidate MUST choose a Saint Name.
            For more information on this go to the link.

RETREAT - Every Confirmation Candidate MUST attend a retreat.
               For more information on this go to the link.

SESSIONS - Public school students are required to attend.

                We ask that COKSM Students just attend the last session.
SERVICE - Public school students are required to complete service.
              COKSM please just complete the service your school requires in 8th grade.

CONFIRMATION MASS - All the information leading up to the Confirmation Mass.

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