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R.C.I.A. for Teens
R.C.I.T. stands for Rite of Christian Initiation for Teens.

Do you have a teen (Grades: 6th-12th) that desires to receive the grace of sacraments in
                                                                  Baptism, Reconciliation/Eucharist, or Confirmation? 

NOTE: If your child only needs the Sacrament of Confirmation please go HERE to fill out the form.

1) REGISTRATIONYour family must be registered at Christ Our King & is attending Mass as a family together.

2) FOUNDATION OF FAITH: We recommend that a teen have at least one year of faith formation prior to receiving a
                                               sacrament. This could be Religious Education at COK, Edge (Middle School Ministry),
                                               Life Teen (High School Ministry), Catholic school, or any ministry at your previous parish
                                               you attended.


3) ONGOING FAITH FORMATION: RCIT will prepare your teen to receive the sacraments they desire. However, we recommend
                                                       that your teen continues during this year of preparation to grow in his/her faith through
                                                       attending either Edge (Middle School Ministry), Life Teen (High School Ministry), Catholic
                                                       School, or Religious Education. 

4) RCIT FORMFill out the RCIT Online Form


5) MEETING WITH ASHLEY: In order to better understand where your teen is in his/her faith Ashley would like to meet with
                                               each teen/at least one of the parents. During this time as well she will go through the process with
                                               you & answer any questions you may have.

3) BAPTISMAL CERTIFICATE: Provide COK with a COPY of your teen's Baptismal Certificate
                                                  (ONLY for teens wishing to receive the Sacraments of Reconciliation/Eucharist & Confirmation) 

 3) CHOOSE A SPONSOR/GODPARENT: (ONLY for teens wishing to receive the Sacrament of Baptism or Confirmation)

            SPONSOR - Read the website HERE for more information about going about choosing a sponsor
                              - Once your teen has chosen a sponsor please submit the sponsor information HERE online
                              - Ashley will then send the sponsor a packet in the mail.
                              - The sponsor will need to ASAP complete the following Sponsor Form HERE .

            GODPARENT - All the of the above steps for a Sponsor are the same for a Godparent.
                                     Complete the same forms.
                                     The only difference is that you shall choose in a sense 2 sponsors: a Godfather & Godmother.



- Your teen should attend sacramental prep session(s) in order to prepare him/her for the sacrament(s) he/she will receive.       Much of this depends on the teen's background in faith & where the teen is in the understanding of the sacraments.   

   Each of the following sessions you will meet with Ashley to discuss the Sacrament(s)
   Let her know of your teen's availability 

          Intro Session
          Baptism Session                                           
          Reconciliation Session                                                    

          Eucharist Session                                              

          Confirmation Session

 4) SAINT PAPER: (ONLY for teens wishing to receive the Sacrament of Confirmation)
     For more details please go to the Confirmation Saint Page


5) RETREAT: (Only for teens wishing to receive the Sacrament of Confirmation)
     We ask tha
t each teen that desires the Sacrament of Confirmation to participate in a day/weekend retreat.

     Below are some options. 

                        Middle School Retreat
                        Jr. High Rally
                        COK Confirmation Retreat 
                        St. Benedict's Confirmation Retreat
                        St. Clare Confirmation Retreat
                        Jr. High Girls Retreat 
                        High School Retreat Options
                        Life Teen Fall Retreat 
                        High School Young Ladies Retreat 
                        High School Young Men's Retreat 
                        High School Youth Conference 

                        Other options can be made available if they can't attend.


When will my teen receive the Sacraments?
Baptism - Easter Vigil 

Reconciliation - When your teen is prepared to receive his/her 1st reconciliation Ashley will let you know when your teen can
                            go to confession. We encourage parents to take the time to go to reconciliation during this same
                            time frame as well.

                            Reconciliation Opportunities (Tell the priest it is your 1st time going to confession)
                            - Contact Fr. Spencer or Fr. Timothy to set up an appt time during the week
                            - Arrive at 4:45pm on any Saturday to go to confession 
                            - Attend an advent or lenten penance service.

- Is your teen being Baptized as well? Easter Vigil
                    Just the Eucharist? We will schedule a date
                    Eucharist & Confirmation? The Confirmation Mass

- You will be confirmed at the Confirmation Mass

*If for some reason there is a problem with the date of when your teen can receive his/her sacrament
  please contact Ashley ASAP






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